Golf League

We offer a variety of leagues for our members and our non-members as well.  These leagues are designed for fun, some competition and a large emphasis on enjoyment and fun.

The Spring and Fall leagues are for Members only and are played on a weekly basis for eight weeks in the Spring and eight weeks in the Fall.  The format for these is better ball of partners, match play and the play is flighted to increase enjoyment and reduce handicap impact.  These leagues are played on Wednesdays and are only nine hole matches that allow for great participation. 

The Women’s Golf Association has an eighteen hole division that plays on Tuesday mornings.  These ladies play a variety of formats and games and also place a high premium on fun and enjoyment.  The ladies, like the men, have a slate of more formal events that include the Member Member, President’s Cup and Club championship.

For the non-member, we have a Monday night league that features two man team match play format that includes numerous players and teams.  This league has a high emphasis on fun and enjoyment and socialization.  This league is organize by a few non-members and is run by the golf shop staff at Park Hills Golf Club.  There is always a food and beverage special for our Monday night league and you are welcome to join this league as a single or a team as we will find you a partner if you do not have one.

For the women players who only have evenings free, we have a Monday night league as well.  This league is designed to be a week to week league that has a different format every week and does not require a season long commitment.  The ladies who play in this league are of varying skill level but all enjoy an evening filled with nine holes of golf and a great amount of fun.