Being a member of Park Hills Golf Club will give you access to the many amenities and benefits of our club. As well as, the camaraderie and community of our other members! Find out more about our club below and apply online or in person using our printable application.

Membership Pricing

  •  Individual Golf 29 and Younger - $75/mo
  • Individual Golf 30 to 35 - $94/month
  • Individual Golf 36 to 64 - $125/month
  • Individual Golf 65 and older- $112/month
  • Individual Golf Student 18 and younger- $300/season
  • Family Golf 29 and younger - $105/month
  • Family Golf 30 to 35 - $132/month
  • Family Golf 36 to 64 - $175/month
  • Family Golf 65 and older - $158/month
  • Individual Pool - $295/Season
  • Family Pool - $495/Season
  • Family Pool Add-on to any Golf Membership - $129.00/season
  • Babysitter add-on to $60.00/season
            the Pool Membership (allows sitter to bring children to the pool)

Click here to apply online. Or our printable appliation can be found here: Click here for a printable membership form to submit.  Once completed, please return the form to the golf club or mail it to the following address:

Park Hills Golf Club
219 Highland Terrace
Altoona, PA 16602

If you have additional membership questions, contact us at (814) 944–3313.